Misfits at Culture Room December 3

Ghoulish Eddie Munster getups and iconic skull logos indicate that every day is Halloween for seminal punk rock act the Misfits. The innovators of horror punk will hit town this Friday at the tail end of their extended 30th anniversary tour. Diehard fans might scoff at the fact that this trio is even touring under the Misfits moniker, considering bassist and current vocalist Jerry Only (Gerald Caiafa) is the sole remaining member of the group's original late-'70s lineup.

Only has tried to make up for the lack of founder and former lead singer Glenn Danzig's throaty howls and Elvis-esque croons by recruiting two ex-Black Flag members: guitarist Dez Cadena and drummer Robo. The three-piece pounds out a pretty convincing re-creation of what made the Misfits famous in the first place: a theatrical, over-the-top brand of hardcore. Thirty years ago, that formula positioned the band as a touchstone in the punk movement and inspired a million tough guys to wear guy-liner and pointy bangs that the band calls "devil locks."


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