MillionYoung: South Florida's next blog star?
Courtesy of Danger Village


Coral Springs-based act MillionYoung has been hailed as South Florida's bona fide entry into what is cringe-inducingly called "glo-fi" or "chillwave." Indeed, impending blog hype looms. The one-man band born Mike Diaz has had a track reviewed positively on Pitchfork, and his MySpace page already lists a manager and a publicist, along with national tour dates at painfully hip venues such as Brooklyn's experimental Glasslands.

His sound perfectly captures the sort of beach-nostalgic, gently psychedelic Zeitgeist started by Animal Collective and distilled to its electronic essence by acts such as Neon Indian and Washed Out. MillionYoung's tracks are less vocally driven than AnCo's but peppier than so-called down-tempo, existing in a watery haze in between. It's the sound of far-away summer jams on a stereo as you fall asleep ocean-side. Heavily sequenced and textured, it requires some attention to fully appreciate yet very little to simply enjoy. Still, it's far more chilled-out than usual club fare, so it remains to be seen how MillionYoung will go down with a drunken crowd likely itching to dance to faster beats.


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