Miley Cyrus' Top Ten Fashion Freakouts

Love her, hate her, pretend to be indifferent, it doesn't matter. Nothing can stop the Miley Cyrus media train -- especially when she commits so wholeheartedly to stepping outside dressed like a dominatrix from the Arctic circle.

Cyrus is either America's next great fashion icon or just a drunk, post-teen wreck like we all were at 20. The difference is paparazzi didn't follow us around when we were half-naked drinking whiskey out of a bottle in public.

Here are Crossfade's top ten Miley Cyrus fashion freakouts, since that awesome day when she cut all her hair off and became a woman.

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Can you wear checkered print with lace? Yes, please. She's like a doily-clad punk-rock princess. Her fierce gaze says "I know I look ridiculous. You're just upset you can't pull this shit off."

Cyrus is slowly transforming herself into the first Disney-hip-hop crossover success story. Here she is combining her two major influences, channeling Coolio and Roger Rabbit at the same damn time. What a playful mynx.

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