Miguel Bosé the Living Freakin' Legend Comes to Miami November 7

Miguel Bosé is a living freakin' legend. Maybe it was simply his fate, or maybe it comes from being gifted progeny. (Bosé's mother was a famous Italian actress, and his father a celebrated Spanish bullfighter.) Or maybe it's the sort of thing he was simply hardwired for, readily exemplified by the respect he has for his audience.

"[I'm most proud of] understanding the career that I've developed, that up until today I credit to the open connection I share with my public. They know what I am, and who I am, and my disposition. And that's very healthy."

Whatever the case, you don't get to have a 30-year career, amass multitudes of fans around the globe, nab Grammys and release 20-plus albums unless you're a legend in the making. And the runaway success of Bosé's last record Papito, which was a celebration of those 30 years, remaking his hits with the help of guests like Ricky Martin, Julieta Venegas, Paulina Rubio and Michael Stipe, is a testament to his having made it.

Miguel Bosé. Sunday, November 7. James L. Knight Center, 400 SE Second Ave., Miami. The show starts at 8 p.m. and tickets cost $59 to $99, plus fees. Visit ticketmaster.com.


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