Miami's Top Five Nightclub Sound Systems

Miami residents are faced with tough decisions every day. Beach or pool? Take I-395 or I-195? SPF 30 or SPF 15? Put the top down or leave it up? The list is endless.

Another FAQ for MIA heads: "Which club should I head to tonight?" And indeed, the Miami nightlife scene never sleeps, with new clubs constantly opening up and old ones renovating to compete for the local and tourist dollar.

So when it comes to their sound systems, Miami clubs are not shy spenders, often shelling out close to a half-million dollars.

"It depends on the client," says Todd Konecny, partner in the renowned Sound Investments Audio, which installs sound systems across the country in the nation's biggest clubs and tourist destinations. "One thing I love about Miami is that club owners here are usually flexible and really want to make an impact with their sound systems."

Here are five clubs guaranteed to make your eardrums quiver in stereophonic delight.

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5. SET

The Opium Group, which also owns the Hard Rock's Opium,

Mansion, and Louis Bar-Lounge in the Gansevoort, opened SET in February of 2007 with

the vision of expanding and putting a new face on its nightclub array. The

design is inspired by Hollywood luxury homes of the 1930s and '40s, featuring

plenty of crystal, Pucci fabrics, baby croc, leather, and "Tinseltown-era" artifacts.

The 10,000-square-foot former theatre features two levels with four bars, all

draped in small, high-quality speakers.

"You want to leave a small footprint," explains Konecny, who

has worked with the Opium Group on all its clubs. "With higher quality

speakers, there is more room for clubs to put tables and VIP seating."

Miami's Top Five Nightclub Sound Systems

4. Space

It's four in the morning and the club just

announced last call. Problem is, you are not done partying. Where to go

from here?

With parties often letting out the next afternoon, Downtown Miami's

Club Space is afterhours on steroids. Dance music is its signature, and the

speakers are designed to optimize the low-range characteristic often associated

with high-energy house music. "It's not a rock concert," says Konecny. "You have to optimize the low end of the sound range to support the sound associated with

dance music."

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