Miami's Ten Best Underground Rock Venues of All Time

Miami's Ten Best Underground Rock Venues of All Time

Music venues in South Florida have always come and gone with an alarming casualness.

Over the last 30-odd years, only one place, Churchill's Pub, has held the torch for Miami's savvy underground rock fans. Now that new owners have taken control, an era is coming to an end. And that's fine -- pub founder Dave Daniels' run in Little Haiti could not go on forever, and he deserves his retirement, just as one day you'll deserve yours.

But Churchill's hasn't been the only venue in South Florida that's catered to punk rockers, metalheads, jazz freaks, and assorted friends! Thinking back on all the great places with cramped stages, decent sound systems, and lax door policies, we here at Crossfade present Miami's ten best underground rock venues of all time.

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Miami's Ten Best Underground Rock Venues of All Time

10. The Cameo

People like to forget that the Cameo Theater, built in 1936, was quite the dilapidated shithole on South Beach during the 1980s. For that matter, South Beach was also quite the dilapidated shithole, with its now-prized Art Deco architecture suffering from decades of neglect. Perhaps the largest of the venues that will be mentioned among our underground picks, the Cameo hosted punk rock luminaries like the Ramones, Black Flag, and D.O.A., as well as local acts, thanks to promoter Richard Shelter's hard work.

Miami's Ten Best Underground Rock Venues of All Time
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9. Flynn's Ocean 71

Also part of the Miami Beach circuit was Flynn's Ocean 71 in the Normandy Isles area. Plenty of touring acts like Agent Orange, JFA, and Saccharine Trust performed there, not to mention Miami stalwarts like Charlie Pickett and Amazing Grace. Nowadays, the strip's a little friendlier, and in the former haunt's vicinity, there now resides a doggy spa, a pharmacy, and an immigration office.

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