Miami's Ten Best Ska Bands of All Time

Miami's Ten Best Ska Bands of All Time

The Sunshine State was a breeding ground for some pretty cool ska acts in the '90s. You would almost think the state invented the genre.

Maybe it is our proximity to the Caribbean and a large presence of Jamaicans that made the feat possible. Who knows? The reggaefied punk trend at least gave many band geeks a chance to show off some chops and prove to their parents that second-chair trombone was OK.

Here are Miami's 10 best ska bands of all time.

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10. King 7 and the Soulsonics

Active in the mid '90s, this crew toed that Dade-Broward county line with some deliciously wicked traditional ska rooted in toasting and dancehall fun. Aside from its lone split seven-inch and a track on a ska comp somewhere, all King 7 and the Soulsonics left behind was happy memories of singing along and dancing with skinhead girls, as their Chelsea cuts tickled our ears.

9. Jean P Jam

Monsieur Jean Pokito has been rocking South Florida for a very long time and it feels like he's still a well-kept secret. Heavier on the reggae than any other act on this list, Pokito has been known to run through Jamaica's entire musical history in one jam before embarking on a sonic exploration of his native Haiti's konpa and racine styles. He's that well-versed.

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