Miami's Ten Best Rockabilly Bands of All Time

Steve Alaimo and the Redcoats.
Steve Alaimo and the Redcoats.

There is more to Miami's music scene than meets the eye. But surely, no one thinks, Rockabilly!, when the Magic City is mentioned. What a damn shame, because our city's seen its fair share of quality rockabilly acts.

Showing its Southern roots, Miami was home to a thriving rockabilly scene in the '50s and '60s. There was local talent. There were homegrown record companies. And there were bands arriving from all over America to tear apart our world class hotels. Even the King of Hunch, Hasil Adkins himself, had some of his whacked-out seven-inch platters released by South Florida labels.

Here are Miami's ten best rockabilly acts of all time.

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10. Wally Deane & the Flips

Wally Deane, also billed as Wally Dean, had a strong recording career, issuing a handful of singles on labels like ART and Artic. His catalog offers much confusion that way, but this "cool cool daddy" was the real deal. Inducted into the Rockabilly Hall of Fame in 2006, Wally was known as the "Elvis of Miami Beach." He passed away in 1986.

9. Ray Pate and the Rhythm Rockets

Formed in 1956, the Rhythm Rockets made their bones as one of the opening Miami acts for Carl Perkins' appearance on the Old South Jamboree radio show in '57. One of the most active local outfits of the era, they split up sometime in the early '60s. But renewed interest, mostly from Germany, has seen the Rockets' music continuously reissued and represented in compilations.

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