Miami's Ten Best Punk Guitarists of All Time

The man, the punk, the legend -- Charlie Pickett.
The man, the punk, the legend -- Charlie Pickett.
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Who shreds best?

We here at Crossfade have witnessed oh so many of Miami's punk guitarists. But this particular list focuses on those ax-wielding individuals who've moved us the most with their fret-working powers.

Soon, we'll post another list in honor of the best lead/rhythm combos that the 305 has ever bred. And trust us, some old names will be repeated alongside some new ones.

But for now, here are the ten punkers who've done some of the MIA's better twanging. Ever.

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Jacuzzi Boys - "Glazin'"

10. Gabriel Alcala

This Jacuzzi Boy of Venezuelan extraction has certainly taken his cues from the proto-punk days of yore, as well as the deliciously thick canons of Latin American psych and garage. And even though the JBs are still a relatively new band, Gabriel has already shredded his way through an impressive number of immortal tunes, from "Smells Dead" and "Bricks or Coconuts" to "Glazin'." There is nothing that embodies punk rock better than an infectious guitar riff that lingers far beyond one's moment in the sun.

The Getback - "Get It Right"

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9. Gus "Rod" Rodriguez

The Getback's Gus Rod and bassist Danny Tapioca were the quiet ones, allowing drummer Juan Manuel Rotulo and singer Jose Flores to banter with the fans and bait the haters. However, it was Gus' axe work, usually executed with closed eyes and dangling cigarette, that really made the outfit fly. Sure, the Getback's rhythm section was incredibly tight. But in Miami's modern punk era, there was never a fuller lead-and-rhythm-guitar combo than Rod and frontman Flores.

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