Miami's Ten Best Music Releases of 2013

The Jacuzzi Boys, becoming men.
The Jacuzzi Boys, becoming men.
Photo by Christiaan Lopez-Miro

Sounds like the 305.

Just stumble down the street, slip into the club at 3 a.m., or tune into some pirate radio station while crossing the causeway from South Beach to the mainland. And almost as if by accident, a Magic City soundtrack will arise from the cacophony -- a buzzing, blaring mix of street rap, house music, melancholy R&B, slow-burning fusion stuff, glossy dance pop, and other kinds of tuneage.

Here are Miami's ten best albums, EPs, and singles of 2013.

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Maybach Music Group: Self-Made, Vol. 3. The Bawse's opus, Mastermind, may be delayed till 2014. Ditto Gunplay's solo debut, Living Legend. But thankfully, Ricky Rozay, his most troublesome homie, and the rest of the Maybach Music Group dropped another installment of the now-annual crew comp, Self-Made, to help fill the gap. The album is stacked with primo contributions from main MMG players, including Meek Mill and Wale, as well as Stalley, Omarion, and even newcomer Rockie Fresh. But the iciest clickety-clack street rap shit comes courtesy of Ross and Gunplay on straight Maybach-brand cuts like "Gallardo" and "Stack on My Belt." As the big man boasts: "Double-M, this shit popping." S. Pajot

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Futro: Why EP. The year 2013 may well be remembered as the moment when Miami house music came full circle, thanks to old-school pioneer Oscar G and new-school ambassador Lazaro Casanova joining forces as Futro. "We both have very distinct styles on our own that make for very interesting collaboration possibilities," Oscar told New Times about the partnership. "We both share a love for classic '90s house stuff, but are also big on more current, forward-thinking sounds." And undoubtedly, Futro's debut Why EP offers the best of Oscar's '90s Murk-era Miami house grooves along with Lazaro's neo-classical interpretations of the genre. As the Futro dudes themselves say: "Past, present, and future classics" for the modern dance floor. Sean Levisman

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