Miami's Ten Best Metal Bands of All Time

Shroud Eater, unofficial ambassadors of SoFla shred.
Shroud Eater, unofficial ambassadors of SoFla shred.

The state of Florida has always been associated with the vibrant metal scene of the '80s, thanks to recording studios like Morrisound, as well as bands like Death and Morbid Angel, which catapulted this wasteland into international consciousness.

There have been metal outfits formed in every corner of the FLA. Some have gone on to riches and fame. But it is the few bands that have come out of Dade County that are often overlooked.

Though other musical genres in South Florida reflect some of the unavoidable tropicalia of the environment, metal in Miami has always retained a defiant "Anglo-ness" that's refreshing for purists and confusing to Hispanic parents.

Here are Miami's ten best metal bands of all time.

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10. Mendacity

This trio's been at it since 1994. And though the group's recorded output has been limited, one of Crossfade's favorite South Florida metal memories was meeting Mendacity's first bass player, Omar Elesgarray, in '97 at Sunset Place, where he gave us a copy of the threesome's disc For Dear Life. The exchange centered on the album's incredibly not-metal cover art -- which, therefore, meant it must have been incredibly metal. And it was! Don't ever be fooled by drawings of people rescuing kittens from trees. Ever.

9. Hibernus Mortis

For real, bro. It would be a terrible world to live in if Miami's so-called "City of Progress" didn't have itself a world-class metal outfit. On paper, Hialeah has the most appeal as a metal muse -- corrupt politicians, Santeria, culture clash, immigrant teen angst -- it's all there. And for close to two decades, Hibernus Mortis has practiced the dark art of deathly, doomy black metal, though the group remains criminally under-recorded. Nevertheless, we're still holding out hope that HM might do something crazy and clever like extreme metal covers of Willy Chirino classics.

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