Miami's Ten Best Karaoke Bars

Time to unleash your inner diva.EXPAND
Time to unleash your inner diva.
Photo by Alex Markow

The Instagram generation fills its profiles with carefully curated snapshots posing as candid moments captured in time. They post makeup selfies, videos of concerts they should have been actually watching, and way too many pictures of food.

On social media, we're all famous (or infamous) for partaking in the addictive search for likes and comments. But why be fake celebrities when we can all be fake rock stars for a night? In a world of wannabe Kardashians, karaoke offers us a chance to be wannabe Beyoncés (or at least a Kelly or Michelle).

Karaoke nights are surprisingly prolific here in Miami, with enough opportunities to sing every night of the week and even win cash prizes. Here's a roundup of some of our favorite karaoke nights in Miami.

Sidebar lets industry folks blow off some steam with karaoke.
Sidebar lets industry folks blow off some steam with karaoke.
Photo by Karli Evans

10. Sidebar Miami.
9 p.m. Wednesday at 337 SW Eighth St., Miami; 786-703-6973;
Bartenders and servers need love too, and on Wednesdays those in the hospitality business can blow off some steam at Sidebar’s Industry Karaoke night. Folks in the service industry enjoy drink specials all night long. End your hump day screaming out some “You Oughta Know,” and dedicate it to the bad tippers of this city.

9. Titanic Restaurant and Brewery.
9 p.m. Sunday at 5813 Ponce de Leon Blvd., Coral Gables; 305-668-1742;
Don't let your weekend end early. It’s not technically over until Monday morning, so there's still time for karaoke on Sunday at Titanic until 1 a.m. There are $3 shots all night long at this charming local joint and University of Miami favorite, so bring a friend to sing along and cut you off before you're hungover at work the next day.

8. The Bend. 10 p.m. Saturday at 6844 NW 169th St., Hialeah; 786-542-1948;
It can be hard to find karaoke on a Saturday night in bars that don't strictly exist for karaoke, but the Bend Liquor Lounge has you covered. This restored vintage '70s dive bar in Miami Lakes is the perfect spot to belt your heart out without fear of judgement. The affordable beer and cocktails will get you feelin’ loose in the City of Progress while the retro decor will have you feeling like you're back in your awesome grandma's living room. 

Better Days is helping Brickell sing every Monday.
Better Days is helping Brickell sing every Monday.
Photo Courtesy of Better Days

7. Better Days. 
11 p.m. Monday at 75 SE Sixth St., Miami; 786-220-7690;
Monday is the awkward day when you most need a drink but are the furthest away from the weekend. Make it a girls’ night at Brickell's cozy little lounge Better Days (celebrating its two-year anniversary this Friday, September 23), where Monday is both Ladies Night and karaoke night. Ladies get to enjoy happy-hour prices all night long — plus, bringing the girls along means you can duet! Bring the Gaga to your Yoncé, the Drake to your Ri-Ri, or bring the whole squad and be Tay-Tay. Just make sure Kanye isn't around to snatch your microphone.

6. George’s on Sunset.
5 p.m. Thursday at 1549 Sunset Dr., Coral Gables; 305-284-9989;
Not all lit parties happen in Wynwood and Miami Beach. Venture a little bit south for karaoke and delicious dinner at George’s on Sunset. This place gets packed, so use it as an opportunity to encourage audience participation. Put the mike up to the guy that's giving you the eyes or bring the birthday girl up to dance with you. It's what Rihanna would do. The best performer gets a shot at dinner on the house, so if that doesn't motivate you — you're probably not a true karaoke superstar. 

Gramps karaoke is for the serious fans who want to belt out the deep cuts.
Gramps karaoke is for the serious fans who want to belt out the deep cuts.
Photo by Monica McGivern

5. Gramps.
10 p.m. Monthly at 176 NW 24 St., Miami;
Gramps hosts its “Let’s Sang” night on the last Thursday of the month. Billed as “karaoke for music nerds,” the song list (which can be found on the official Let's Sang tumblr page) is made up of artists and songs that wouldn't be found on your typical top-40 karaoke song list and was recently updated to include artists like Siouxsie & the Banshees and the Jesus & Mary Chain. Like true music nerds, the Wynwood hotspot hosts themed “Let’s Sang” nights, which have recently included Bowie and Prince tribute nights after their deaths this year.

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