Miami's Ten Best Female DJs

Laura of Miami.
Laura of Miami.

Some men like to get on social media and complain about how easy it is to succeed as a female DJ.

It's as if having tits means you must have special powers, although the implication is actually that women don't have to be good to land gigs. Wow, fellas, listen to yourselves once in a while.

We here at Crossfade wish to dispel those kinds of comically sexist myths. And that's why we're celebrating Miami's ten best female DJs.

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10. Jessie Andrews

Andrews is a woman of many talents. Sure, she first made her name in the adult industry, but her crossover into the house music scene is anything but labored. The Miami-born disco lover speaks openly about her teenage love for places like Treehouse and how our sinful city helped mold her addiction to good beats. She splits her time in L.A., but she's over here playing gigs at the Garret, Bardot, and the like at pretty regular intervals. She's been tapped by Blood Orange, Duke Dumont, and Drake for remixes, so any haters can suck a tit.

9. Bonnie Beats

Not all girls are ass clappers. Some women are just beat trappers. Such is the case with Bonnie Beats. Her mega-live hype mixes will have your girl twerkin' from start to finish. But she's no one-note sister. She can get as chill and groovy as the rest of 'em. She delivered some slick poolside beats for Mercedez-Benz Fashion Week, and she helps expose partiers from all walks of life to the vogue scene as one of the organizers of the Catwalk monthly at the Garrett. She's also in an adorable AT&T commercial about Spanglish. Whatever the hat she's wearing, Bonnie Beats gives 110 percent. Look out for her rockin' the opening slot for many of Bardot's big events.

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