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Miami's Maruta Signs With Relapse Records

It's always great to see local bands do big things. And for Miami-bred technical grind masters, Maruta, signing to Relapse Records, a titan among extreme genre labels, has been a long time coming.

The group, currently composed of Mitchell Luna, Eduardo Boria, Mauro Cordoba, and Daniel Morris, has previously put out a pair of full-length releases on Willowtip Records and witnessed its legend grow steadily in grind circles since its inception in 2005. The band took an extended hiatus, but recently returned to take part in a string of those incredible shows that now-defunct local promotional powerhouse Speedfreek was bringing to Miami.

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Vocalist Mitchell Luna said of the signing:

"Relapse is a label with a very diverse roster, and one that has put out several records in the past that we consider highly influential. A partnership with them just felt like the next logical choice, and we feel like we fit right in."

The band will be entering the studio with Pig Destroyer's Scott Hull early next year. And that's historic because it will be the first time Hull has recorded a project that he himself is not directly involved with.

Until then, expect to catch Luna, Boria, Cordoba, and Morris continue their work peeling the paint off the walls and shaking the liquor bottles at Little Haiti's Churchill's Pub with salvos of blindingly fast and destructive grind.

All hail, Maruta!

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David Von Bader