Miami's Five Best Punk Record Labels of All Time

Miami's Five Best Punk Record Labels of All Time

The '80s and '90s were a fun time for punk rock in South Florida. And though there wasn't a major publishing house putting out every single local album recorded, we were fortunate enough to have a few individuals who took it upon themselves to scrounge up some dough, enter into dubious arrangements with bands and recording studios, and buy adverts in fanzines across the U.S. to help ensure that at least a handful of their product would sell.

So in the spirit of record hunting, crate crashing, and rediscovering music, here are Miami's five best punk record labels of all time.

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Miami's Five Best Punk Record Labels of All Time

4 ½ Finger Records

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Known as "Emil Four and a Half," because of an accident that left him with 0.5 fingers fewer than most folks, Emil Busse may have gotten his name up in lights when he played bass for the Crumbs, but he was also one of the most daring local producers of limited-press vinyl. Operating between 1991 and '93, Emil was able to sell his records for a dollar and change in the era of the $3 seven-inch. (Yes, they used to cost three bucks.) In those days, it was also easy to scam the mail by rubbing soap on the postage and reusing stamps. Of course, Emil and friends made ample use of this technique until they got busted and were reprimanded by the USPS. We only wonder what kind of punishment they'd be up for in today's post-9/11 world.

Notable Releases:

-Cavity's Scalpel

-Chickenhead's Everything Must Go!

-The Human Oddities's The Earth Will Shake!!

-Straight Youth's Together We can Do It! EP

Miami's Five Best Punk Record Labels of All Time

Smooth Lips Records

This label was run by a young man named Mike Borras and his girlfriend Maria. They were responsible for the first wax releases by Caught Inside and Pin Kai. And their ambitious release of emo outfit :Nobuhjest:'s self-titled EP was 300 copies with individually handmade covers -- not a single one the same! They would eventually branch out and release singles by out-of-state bands like National Guard and Staynless. Between 1995 and 1997, Mike and Maria continued to put out some cool releases. But then Smooth Lips Records suddenly (and sadly) vanished.

Notable Releases:

-:Nobuhjest:'s self-titled EP

-National Guard's Star Spangled Losers

-Pin Kai's Greasy Kid Stuff

-Fourhundred Years and Sleepytime Trio's split seven-inch

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