Miami's Five Best Nightlife Neighborhoods

Miami's Five Best Nightlife Neighborhoods
Photo by Ian Witlen

Sometimes, we like to argue that Miami isn't just a party town. We've got more to offer the world than just a great vacation get-away, and it's time the people of America took notice.

This however, is not one of those times.

You're damn right Miami is one of the best party cities in the country. We may not be as physically large as New York or Los Angeles, but we merge cultures and flavors with the best of the them. We have a storied history of music and nightlife, and we're welcoming of people from all angles, but is it possible to say which party hood is the best? We're going to try.

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Miami's Five Best Nightlife Neighborhoods
Photo by Liliana Mora

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5. Brickell and Little Havana

Looking for something a little fancier than Wynwood but a little frattier than South Beach? Brickell is where UM students and those who have money to burn like to get their freak on. But it's not just for those with cash. It's kind of happy hour central, and there's no better place to catch a game. It's home to Miami's oldest bar, Tobacco Road, and newer crowd-pleasers like Blackbird Ordinary. And then just around the corner, there's Little Havana, the 305's king of live music and Latin flavors. It's hard to compete with Calle Ocho.

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Miami's Five Best Nightlife Neighborhoods
Photo by Monica McGivern

4. Little Haiti

This is Miami's next up-and-coming neighborhood with a growing art scene and, so far, rent that isn't too out of control. It's been a party destination for much longer, especially for those who like to rock. Churchill's Pub has been bringing the ruckus since 1979. Right next to it is Sweat Records, and they've been known to host a rad shindig or two. Big Night in Little Haiti is going down every third Friday at the Cultural Center, not to mention the art warehouses that just pop up into parties, and the experimental shit going down at Space Mountain. This neighborhood is certainly going through it right now.

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