Miami's Five Best New Dance Clubs

Miami's Five Best New Dance Clubs
Photo by Alex Markow

"When one club closes, another one opens."

That seems to be the Golden Rule when it comes to Miami's fickle nightlife scene. Just take a look at the past 12 months.

Within the last year alone, the Magic City has lost several party gems, and with it, some of our favorite weekly bashes, DJs, and hangout spots. But at the same time, new clubs have risen from the ashes of the fallen.

While nothing can replace the forgotten memories and drunken shenanigans that took place at these nightlife havens, there are new (and by new we mean late 2013 and beyond) clubs to be excited about.

Here are Miami's five best new dance clubs.

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Miami's Five Best New Dance Clubs
Photo by Jipsy/

5. Do Not Sit On the Furniture

Coming from the masterminds behind Wynwood's first club the Electric Pickle, Behrouz and Will Renuart's Do Not Sit On the Furniture is the spot for house heads looking for a gritter nightlife experience on SoBe, sans flashy lights and, well, furniture. And by furniture, we mean no pretentious VIP tables or snotty bottle service. In the words of Behrouz himself, the only thing you'll find at Don't Sit is "a good sound system, proper DJ booth, and no bullshit." That whole "no-nonsense" 'tude and DJ bookings that have included Gavin Hardkiss, Jessie Perez, and some of the best underground acts in the biz merited the music hall New Times' pick for Best Small Music Venue of 2014.

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