Miami's Five Best Music Venues for Local Acts

Miami's Five Best Music Venues for Local Acts
Photo by Monica McGivern

We know what you're thinking: Does Miami even have five music venues for local acts?

The answer, our skeptical friend, is yes. It was actually hard for us to narrow this list to only five places. 
Because, while it may come as a surprise to the average club hopper, Miami's got a thriving underground music scene and there's plenty of places to go jam out to 305 talent.

We've selected some Miami classics and some newbies. Here are Crossfade's five best venues for local acts.

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Miami's Five Best Music Venues for Local Acts
Photo by Alex Markow

The Nest

OK, obvious choice. Our most recent Best of Miami pick for the top local music venue has quickly become a staple of the scene. Performers love performing here, and fans love the intimate vibe of the small NE 14th Street spot. The Nest has also become a frequent stop for touring acts, like Daedelus. This may be your best bet if you're looking for a laidback place to chill till closing time.

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