Miami's Five Best Jazz Clubs

Miami's Five Best Jazz Clubs
Photo by Monica McGivern

When people talk about Miami, there's a lot of things that come to mind. But jazz is not usually among them.

The 305 is definitely more popular for its late-night dance spots and beach bars than its jazz clubs. 

For many, it may come as a surprise to learn that there are plenty of places around town where talented musicians get together to channel their inner Louis Armstrong.

Here are the five best places to kick back, chill, and enjoy some live jazz in Miami.

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Miami's Five Best Jazz Clubs
Photo by Ian Witlen

The Corner

This year's Best of Miami winner for jazz night was obviously going to be included on our list. It's weird to think that the same place where drunken Miamians go to party in the late hours of the night also offers improvisational syncopation sessions. Every Tuesday night at the Corner is jazz night. There's always a different mix of musicians, and it's always dope.


One of Midtown's hidden gems. It's a small market-like bar that seems as though it was brought in from Europe. There's not a lot of places like Lagniappe in the 305. And every Sunday night, the joint's got some kick-ass live jazz. You go in, get yourself some food and drinks, and then lounge. 

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