Miami's Best Albums, EPs, and Singles of 2014

Miami, where the streets rumble with dirty house, street rap, metal, indie, punk rock, and EDM.
Miami, where the streets rumble with dirty house, street rap, metal, indie, punk rock, and EDM.
Photo by Marco Torres

Welcome to the 305. The city that vibes. And shakes ass. And shreds.

Too often, jetsetters and Midwestern tourists land on the sandy white shores of South Beach seeking only uhntz-uhntz and a trip to the VIP. And sure, we love that stuff too.

But the locals know Miami is also about that dirty house music, raw street rap, sludge metal, indie tuneage, punk rock, and tripped-out EDM. We pop booties one night. And we headbang the next. That's the real Dade County.

Here are Miami's ten best albums, EPs, and singles of 2014.

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Craze: "Bow Down" featuring Trick Daddy

A three-time DMC World DJ champion, Craze has been Miami's most skillful deck master for nearly 20 years. But with his latest release, "Bow Down," a single co-starring 305 rap hero Trick Daddy Dollars, he's hit his stride as a producer of club-crushing original cuts. "I wanted to have Trick on the track 'cause he's the Miami legendary MC in my eyes, and I feel like we've both repped our city for a long time and never linked," Craze says. "I did that one for Miami. Even with that airplane intro, it's an Anquette sample from a Miami bass classic tune called 'Miami.' Also, the marching band sample was on some UM vibes. So yeah, it's classic Miami with that new club sound." Kat Bein

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Holly Hunt: Prometheus EP

As stalwarts of Miami's underground metal scene, Holly Hunt's Gavin Perry and Beatriz Monteavaro have been carving sonic monoliths out of finely tuned noise since 2011. When Monteavaro introduced Perry to quintessential heavy-drone outfits like Sleep and Earth, it caused the guitarist to "change directions dramatically." And soon, his down-tuned riffing and Monteavaro's nimble, metronome-precise drumming combined to create slow-evolving sludge mantras for their debut full-length album, 2012's Year One. The duo's latest release, an EP entitled Prometheus, still reaches amp-breaking volume, but also experiments with shifting styles and tempo, creating lithe songs that mutate at a moment's notice. This newfound sense of exploration and interest in pacing infuses the doom and gloom with an exhilarating blast of fresh ideas. David Bennett

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