Miami's 20 Best Punk Bands of All Time

The Eat, chewing through the studio.
The Eat, chewing through the studio.

The 305 did not invent punk rock, nor was it instrumental in the development of its subculture.

As a matter of fact, South Florida was plagued by so-called "album-oriented rock" clubs, insufferable cover bands with Eagles aspirations, and misguided disco heads who were ignoring the better stuff put out by TK Records. But in the late '70s, the sounds of rebellion were beginning to fester with a few transplants from up north that brought the racket with them.

Once it took a hold of Miami's youth, punk rock got some additions to its early roster that has continued to the present. Like all regional scenes, Miami's punk has a different attitude, a tropical snarl if you will, that sets it apart from the scenes in other American cities.

Here are Miami's 20 best punk bands of all time.

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20. Critical Mass

Critical Mass formed in 1973 and toiled in Miami until a heavy influence of the Sex Pistols hit leader and constant member Mick Fazz that prompted the band to press somewhere in the vicinity of 200 copies of their 45 rpm "Silver Screen" b/w "No One Left to Blame" in 1978 making them the first punks to press a record in Miami. Somehow he managed to secure a deal with MCA Records and released a 1980 album, It's What's Inside That Counts with a different lineup that was okay rock but without the attitude of the 7". They will always be Miami's first punkers.

19.Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace were the heavy hitters of the '80s. Not because they were awesome or brought a bit of Gothic pop to a NWOBHM sound but because for a short while, they were the supporting act in Miami to touring punk bands. Billy La Volpe, the Lambert bros and Ron Norton were also rumored to be the dudes who got all the chicks, specially yours. Their lone LP, Entities, a monumental feat in the age of the EP and 45 is an expensive endeavor to track nowadays.

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