Miami's 15 Best Hardcore Bands of All Time

Miami's 15 Best Hardcore Bands of All Time

It's amazing how much the 305's had its hands in the perpetuation of established underground genres. Sure, Miami hasn't invented any of them, but her additions to the sound are as unique and weird as they come.

Now we look at the greatest hardcore punk acts that have called Miami home. Remember that Fort Lauderdale and Coral Springs are not in Dade County, so check the area code before getting angry.

Here are Miami's 15 best hardcore bands of all time.

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15. Chocolate Grasshopper

Before he would be immortalized in the saccharine sarcophagus of Quit's melodic punk, Andre Serafini was part of the bearhead hardcore antics of Chocolate Grasshopper. Brent ended up in Radon and Ray has continued to live in South Florida and perform in different bands. He once kindly lent this scribe a pair of mic stands and some chords so that his show at the now defunct Gables Pub could go on! Some of the nicest dudes in South Florida's hardcore history.

14. Mehkago N.T.

Many things can be said about the short and incredibly destructive path that Harold, Dub, Miller, Bundee, Berny and Chris forged through South Florida. Did they blend metal and power violence with a no-holds-barred hardcore approach? Yes. Did they give a good goddamn about you? No. Did they set out and accomplish what their moniker cheekily hides in Español? Si, they fucking did.

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