Miami Reggae Festival at Peacock Park April 30

Out in the sloping, snaking streets of Coconut Grove, 10,000 Jah-blessed soldiers are gathering for a peaceful revolution and chanting the opening lines of the Rockaz MVMT mantra: "We are universal people/Young, strong, focused/Modern sages/Armed with sounds and phrases/Using music as our shield/Embracing this battlefield/Called life/Spreading love and compassion."

Founded in Miami more than a decade ago, Rockaz MVMT is a production company and activist organization using the righteous force of reggae to shock the world out of its social coma. And the MVMT's most recent initiative is a national Feed the Hungry campaign to benefit Curley's House, a local nonprofit grassroots project serving the elderly, abused, hungry, homeless, and HIV/AIDS-infected in Overtown, Liberty City, Opa-locka, Brownsville, and beyond.

Officially, the Rockaz MVMT revolution begins this Saturday with the inaugural Miami Reggae Festival. You can join its ranks of socially conscious soldiers by showing up, bringing a few canned gifts, and chanting the last lines of the MVMT mantra along with Puerto Rican reggae crew Cultura Profética, Rastafari survivor Luciano & the Jah Messenjah Band, and young lion Warrior King: "We are history. This is our legacy... We are an infinite movement of people."


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