Miami Nightlife's Five Biggest Failures

RIP, Adore.
RIP, Adore.
Photo by Alex Markow

Despite playing host to one of the most vibrant and financially successful club markets in the world, Miami has had more than its fair share of nightlife misfires. In the cutthroat world of capitalist enterprise, one’s product needs to not only be better than the rest, but downright spectacular.

In Miami, this is doubly the case.

Nobody ever said it was easy to run a nightclub, but no one ever said it should be done this abysmally either. The following are the most embarrassing, regrettable, or just plain sad nightlife failures in recent Miami memory.

5. Twilo

If there’s anything all these dearly departed clubs had in common, it was ambition. After all, in order to make it in the ruthless world of Miami hedonism, one needs to have nothing short of unrelenting determination to navigate what is an astoundingly treacherous landscape. Twilo, a once-prosperous and now defunct New York nightclub that sought to relocate to the Miami market in 2006, had drive in spades. Hell, despite having been closed for a decade, it still has a sizable Wikipedia page free of typos and misinformation. But despite being “equipped with a custom Phazon sound system” and possessing “state-of-the-art lighting walls,” Twilo suffered the humiliation of closing down yet again, only further down the East Coast this time.

4. Parkwest Nightclub/Stereo

It only took a month for Parkwest nightclub to hit its first speed bump when the joint got busted for not having the proper permits. Owned by Space’s Louis Puig, Parkwest (or Stereo, as the venue was also briefly called) sat adjacent to Space like a malnourished conjoined twin in what is now a vacant lot behind the venue. In a 2009 New Times article about Parkwest’s death, we wrote: “At first it seemed like it wanted to compete with the Studio A and Pawn Shop set, but when that didn't work out it changed more to traditional house, and after that it just went straight up hip-hop.” It never did find its footing, and after a few months, it quietly died. Luckily, its big sister, Space lived to tell the story.

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