Miami Heat Repeat! Top Ten NBA Champ Anthems

In yo' faces!
In yo' faces!

We're #1! We're #1! We're #1!

That's right, your Miami Heat are NBA champs! And the whole Heat Nation agrees that our boys worked their asses off and didn't let anything (haters, bandwagon fans, and refs who didn't call fouls) get in the way of a championship ring.

And if you can't get enough of LeBron, D-Wade, Bosh, Allen, Miller, Birdman, and the rest of el Heat's greatness, here are the top ten Miami Heat champ anthems.

¡Dale, Heat!

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Pitbull's "Welcome to Dade County"

The next time Lil Wayne even thinks about talking shit to the Miami Heat, he better think twice and take advice from Mr. 305: "Don't shit where you eat."

Pepe Billete's "Heat Fight Song"

But if Tunechi is a sore loser and keeps on with his Heat hate speech (even after we pulled a back-to-back championships), the 305 will knock him out to the Pepe Billete's "Heat Fight Song."

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