Mi Diosa

Cabaret Diosa -- the nine-piece extravaganza of guitars, horns, mambo, swing, jazz, and, of course, dancing -- is a band that exudes more drama than a late-night Springer marathon. The Boulder-based neo-Latin ensemble always folds a hearty dose of theater and cartoon-caperish quality into its episodic stage shows. Diosa vocalist/guitarist Darrin Feder (a.k.a. Dario Rosa when carrying on Cabaret-style) and fellow Cabaret members with names like Miguel Ramos, Juan DeLaSelva, Arturo Sabado, and Don Grandissimo DeLaMis-concepcion incite audiences to sing, to swoon, and to shake their body parts in ways unseen in normal life. The band keeps its wheels and its hair greased by seeking out the kinds of gigs that actually pay cash money, typically playing 200 live shows a year, from Denver to Dubai -- and now, Miami! You've never really mambo'd until you've done the Rocky Mountain mambo!


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