Metro at Art Loves Music December 1

Pale, skinny, and deathly sexy, Metric frontwoman Emily Haines has always looked a little like a vampire. You know, the kind that's beautiful, sympathetic, indie, and way too sensitive to actually feed on the life essence of other living creatures. So when big Hollywood composer Howard Shore asked Haines and her all-male band to contribute the theme song, "Eclipse (All Yours)," to the latest installment of emo bloodsucker saga Twilight, the casting seemed almost unnaturally perfect.

In the official music video, Haines spends the day holed up in a secluded cabin, hiding from the sun, skulking around in a hoodie and heavy eye makeup, and scribbling fiendishly in her diary. It's a scarily accurate depiction of our collective fantasies about some lazy, black Sunday with Emily. And when she sing-talks in her cold-blooded coo, "All your love I'll take to my grave," you really can't help but join the rapturous sighs of a million teen vamp fans.


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