Medeski, Martin and Wood

Envelope pushers. Experimentalists. Nutters. Call 'em what you will, but when these three musicians sleep, they sleep soundly. Their "experiment" has been ongoing for thirteen years, and accolades and fans have grown exponentially. Meticulous, rambunctious, well-meaning anarchy — rather than free-form experimental jazz malarkey — characterizes their style. Despite operating within some perceived realm of jazz, the trio appeals to a large audience (I find that my rock and roll friends more often ask to borrow their albums). Early on, John Medeski (keys/synths), Billy Martin (drums/percussion), and Chris Wood (bass) were nurtured musically by their respective families, and when fate landed the three in New York City in the early Nineties, they developed a mutual respect and chemistry. A myriad of side gigs and influences have helped shape the group, which maneuvers by ear. The synergy between Martin and (onetime South Florida resident) Medeski is playfully evil, and Wood's steady plucking anchors it all down. Whatever it is, it's good and meant for you to enjoy.


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