Meat and Beats! Seven Favorite Songs About Chicken, Beef, and Penises

Eddie Beccles is all 'bout that chicken and meat!
Eddie Beccles is all 'bout that chicken and meat!
Photo by Laurie Charles

A red banner outside Brother Jimmy's BBQ invites you to "Put Some South In Yo' Mouth."

We're talking Meat and Beats. Every Saturday night, locals and tourists alike in shorts, hats, and sandals hit up the Southern barbecue joint for some pickleback shots, Fighting Cock bourbon, and hot 'cue.

And in the spirit of the night, the meat lovers and beat bangers of Brother Jimmy's came up with some songs that talk about meat, all cuts of it.

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Lil Jon and the Eastside Boys' "Get Low" featuring Yin Yang Twins

"Ying Yang Twins, from the window to the walls song," was the first song that popped into Eddie Beccles' head.

"What's the meat part?"

"To the sweat drip down my balls, I guess," the bartender responded as he poured whiskey and pickle juice into shot glasses.

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