Max Vangeli hangs with the Mafia.
Max Vangeli hangs with the Mafia.

Max Vangeli DJs at Mansion January 8

At this point, San Franciso-based DJ-producer Max Vangeli is basically a made man. He has scored support sets for Swedish House Mafia. He's been signed to Mafia member Steve Angello's Size Records. And he's even the production partner of Stevie's brother, Antoine Josefsson, otherwise known as AN21.

Those kind of connects — not to mention Vangeli's massive knack for, um, sexy beats — guarantee access to the best international clubs and the sweetest champagne. Last week, New Times asked Vangeli about this Saturday's show at Mansion, hanging with the Mafia, and the inevitable choice between Ultra and WMC.

New Times: With lots of support from acts like Swedish House Mafia and Tïësto, 2010 seemed to be your breakout year. Were you surprised by your success?


Max Vangeli

With Laurent Simeca. 11 p.m. Saturday, January 8, at Mansion, 1235 Washington Ave., Miami Beach; 305-532-1525; Tickets cost $20 via Ages 21 and up .

Max Vangeli: Well, I would not say I am surprised by it. But it is definitely an amazing feeling! It's been a crazy rollercoaster ride, that's for sure. But to be honest with you, I worked so hard on this every day of my life that it's sort of the reward I was waiting for.

You were just in town for New Year's Eve with Tiësto. Does your set change when you're the main act?

Oh definitely! It's a completely different vibe! When I open, I love to go with sexy, tech-y tribal beats to get the crowd into it and warm them up a bit. As far as Mansion goes, it's going to be absolutely crazy! We are just going to do it big.

What were some of your favorite records of 2010?

Swedish House Mafia's "One" was a big bang for sure! And to finish off the year, it's probably the Pendulum Remix ["The Island"] we did with Steve Angello and Antoine. It's been destroying dance floors all around the world!

You've already remixed some pretty big acts like Gorillaz and Ellie Goulding. Any surprises for 2011 that you can let us know about?

Yes, our album for Size with AN21! That is the only focus right now, making a sexy album.

OK, I've gotta ask: WMC or Ultra?

Easy one... I will be in Miami during Ultra, but won't be performing at the festival. Stay tuned as I will have a lot of exciting shows and pool parties!


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