Matthew Dear

In less than three scant years, Matthew Dear has gone from unknown Texas-born bedroom producer to international techno heartthrob both for his boyishly handsome looks and his otherworldly music (recorded under his own name as well as pseudonyms Audion, Jabberjaw, and False for top labels like Ghostly International, Plus 8, and Perlon). Dear has few American peers who have earned as much respect in the international techno scene, which can be notoriously elitist and not particularly embracing of Yankees who have come after Detroit's Holy Trinity (Derrick May, Kevin Saunderson, Juan Atkins). Expect to hear previews of material from Dear's forthcoming album (and his most recent Audion effort) as well as a discerning global selection of minimal but excessively funky tunes as he flexes yet another skill: the art of a compelling DJ set.


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