Marta Gomez

A Colombian folk version of Norah Jones — boasting stunning looks that make her an almost identical twin to Nelly Furtado — Marta Gomez infuses traditional roots with a modern femininity. She is a master of the complexity of Latin music, and her second and latest album, Entre Cada Palabra, shows expertise in flamenco, cueca, cumbia, bambuco, joropo, and vallenato styles. In the song "Doña Luisa," Gomez croons, "And by sunrise she's already picking coffee/For every bean in her hand there's sorrow for a lost love." The next in a long line of timeless acts to grace the stage at the Arturo Sandoval Jazz Club, Gomez promises to put on a powerful performance during her Miami debut. Her charity — the Agua Dulce Foundation — combines media, music, and art to enrich the lives of street children in her native country, making it easy to see why Gomez is a rare breed: well rounded and real.


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