Marques Wyatt

Marques Wyatt

We should all mourn the death of the cassette, because mixtapes change lives. Case in point: Marques Wyatt. Originally a teen vinyl junkie from Santa Monica, California, he became a world-touring house DJ/producer in part because of a few carefully compiled tapes.

Weaned by a jazz-addled father and three funk-obsessed brothers, the little Wyatt hoarded 2,000-plus records in the early '80s. One day, he flaunted his stash for friend DJ Tracy Trinh, who covetously asked to use the collection for club gigs. In exchange, Trinh would mix tapes for his buddy's long Cali car rides. Thus, the pact was sealed and so was Wyatt's future.

Still a teen, Wyatt hit the decks hard, left the West Coast, and clubbed across NYC, absorbing the influence of legends such as Frankie Knuckles and Larry Levan. Home again in 1986, Wyatt brought that New York style to the Los Angeles scene, playing and promoting a series of pivotal parties that culminated with the long-running and still-thriving house institution, Deep. Now, this Friday, catch a bit of the Wyatt party magic when Aquabooty brings the man and his classic, soul-swamped sound to Miami. It could be a mixtape-level life changer.


Marques Wyatt

With Djinji Brown and Tomas Ceddia. Friday, August 7. Electric Pickle, 2826 N. Miami Ave., Miami. Doors open at 10 p.m. Tickets cost $10 before midnight, $15 after. Ages 21+ with ID. 305-456-5613;

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