Mark Knight

Mark Knight is on an upward trajectory in the DJ world. Last year, he broke the top half of the DJ Magazine Top 100. As head of the Toolroom label, he's put plenty of records in DJs' boxes from artists such as David Guetta, Deadmau5, and Audiofly. His own hits include remakes of the Laurent Garnier classic "The Man With the Red Face" and "Downpipe," a collaboration with D. Ramirez and onetime Underworld frontman Karl Hyde. Behind the decks and in the studio, he crafts a wide-ranging, omnivorous sound that's centered in progressive house while ranging out into deep and tech house, techno, and trance. And, yeah, it gets a little cheesy at times, but not like the stinky, gunky bleu cheese of most Eurotrance — more like a nice slice of cheddar. It's a pumping, accessible mixture that can really work a dance floor.


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