Mark Farina

Most internationally respected DJs are known for spinning only one genre of dance music. Not so with San Francisco's Mark Farina, who is comfortable plying nightclubs with jackin' grooves one night and down-tempo, instrumental hip-hop flavored "Mushroom Jazz" the next. In the late Eighties the Chicago native participated in the early house scene, then jumped to the Bay Area in the early Nineties to help push the nascent "acid jazz" scene towards global awareness. WMC partiers will be able to get down with both sides of this Janus-like figure -- house tracks at Mansion and "Mushroom Jazz" at Opium Garden.

1. Vibezelect, "Patient" (CD-R)

2. ECB, "Horse CB" (CD-R)

3. No Assembly Firm, "School of Hard Knocks" (Robsoul)

4. Slater Hogan and John Larner, "I Need U" (Tango)

5. Greenskeepers featuring J-Dub, "Conversation" (CD-R)

6. Joey Youngman, "Turn Ons" (Fetish)

7. Audio, "Luv-n-Happiness" (Amenti)

8. Mark Farina, "Bes' Entatainment" (Great Lakes)

9. Hazel, "Club Connection" (CD-R)

10. Urban Jazz Naturals, "Can't Get Me Down (Demarkus Lewis mix)" (CD-R)


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