Marcos Witt at American Airlines Arena June 24

We bet Billy Graham wishes he had thought of it back in the day — leveraging his radio-preaching, television-evangelizing persona into an even more lucrative empire by adding a dance number to his sermons.

In 2011, we have Marcos Witt belting out solos praising Jesus and His baby-blue eyes, thanking Him for Witt's four Latin Grammys, and begging for inspiration for his umpteenth CanZion Records release. It all began when the San Antonio-born artist was dragged to Durango, Mexico, by his Christian missionary parents to build churches and convert a few heathens. Now 50 years, 31 albums, and ten books later, Witt is making a stop at the American Airlines Arena to win over the hearts of a slightly more disillusioned congregation.

Can songs such as "Sana Nuestra Tierra" ("Heal Our Land"), "Si Puedes Creer" ("If You Believe"), and "Dios Desciende Aquí" ("God Descends Here") alleviate the pain of our recent NBA Finals loss? Or will the arena just be "Recordando Otra Vez" ("Remembering Once Again")? Guess we'll wait till this Friday to see.


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