Marco Antonio Solis and Ricardo Montaner at American Airlines Arena February 19

If folk wisdom is to be believed, a Latin person's blood runs two or three degrees hotter than the normal core temperature of 98.6 Fahrenheit. This condition is called la pasión, and it explains why American Airlines Arena becomes a 19,000-person sweat lodge every time someone like Marco Antonio Solis stages a show there.

A former child star, Solis is now a mature yet hunky 51-year-old enamorado Mexicano, and he'll be bringing his hot Latin pop to AAA this Saturday, along with Ricardo Montaner. It's being billed as a "post-Valentine's Day concert for couples." So you'll probably hear stuff like Solis's "Tu Amor o Tu Desprecio" and Montaner's "A Donde Va El Amor."

It will get hot. It will get sweaty. It will get intense. Our advice: Bring a towel. Somebody's gonna have to wipe up all that excess pasión.


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