Marco Antonio Solis

Mexican singer, composer, and producer Marco Antonio Solis began his career early. He was only 12 years old when he began performing with his first group, Los Hermanitos Solis. But it was with his next one, Los Bukis, when he would become a Latin American megastar. Although he started the group when he was just a teenager in the late '70s, Solis quickly set himself apart with mature musical chops. As Los Bukis' frontman and main songwriter, Solis drew out the romance in regional Mexican styles such as Tejano and Norteño, eventually transmogrifying them into all-out pop ballads.

Thanks to his success, Solis scored a number of gigs writing for fellow Latin pop stars such as Marisela and Laura Flores. And eventually, after two decades with Los Bukis, he struck out as a solo artist in 1996. Solis's popularity would only grow, and in fact, it is hard to understate his influence on and popularity in the sphere of contemporary Mexican music. His latest album, No Molestar, was released last October and, like most of his others, quickly reached number one on the Billboard Top Latin Album charts. It was his ninth to reach that position, leaving Solis holding the record for most number one albums in that slot.


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