Marc Anthony's Three Reasons to Vote Obama

With just six days left until the American public elects the 45th President of the United States, Latinos for Obama surrogate Marc Anthony is back on the campaign trail rallying the Spanish-speaking troops to re-elect POTUS.

Scheduled to appear at an event later this evening with First Lady Michelle Obama at the James L. Knight Center, Anthony wants to remind voters que estamos unidos -- as both human beings and Americans exercising our democratic right to vote.

And if you're still on the fence about which candidate to support, Anthony totally thinks you should vote Obama on November 6.

Here're a few reasons why.

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Civic Duty

In a Latinos for Obama ad, Anthony declares, "Latinos are a force that can, and will, help decide this election."

So forget all that talk about Florida's I-4 corridor and Ohio swinging the election, La Raza decides this one. If your name ends with the letter Z, like mine, get your ass to a voting booth ASAP, amigo.

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