Magical Maydaze

Magical Maydaze has become a tradition as familiar as Black Beach Week, a throwback to the candy raves of yore and a rare opportunity (outside of Winter Music Conference) to partake of a host of electronic sounds and ideas. But why is it being held in June instead of the titular May? I don't know, but I can't help but notice its battery of promoters has made up for the lateness by offering one of the best lineups the event has had. Hard house West Coaster DJ Dan, beatbox extraordinaire Rahzal and DJ/producer JS One, breakbeat electro gods Baby Anne and Uberzone, junglists Deekline & Wizard, hip-hop/drum and bass producer Adam F, progressive house mixer Kimball Collins, and a host of others will be on hand to offer musical treats for every trick. -- Mosi Reeves


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