Magic City Rock and Rollers

For Real Rock IV, Curious Hair and Evol Egg Nart Records' Jeff Rollason have organized a show of rocktastic proportions, simultaneously stirring the semislumbering princes of Miami's dormant rock history while raising a spotlight to the very much awake projects being proffered by veterans and newcomers alike. This is an irregularly scheduled series of events designed to remind the Magic City life exists beyond the dance floor. This year's iteration is a swirling mass of hippie-pop, avant-noise, space lounge kitsch, and plain old hip-shaking, beer-drinking rock and roll. Featured performances at Churchill's range from Rat Bastard (Laundry Room Squelchers) to Ravelstein and The Rockets -- the latest project from Ariyah Okamoto (Shuttle Lounge, ex-Snatch the Pebble) -- to a fusing of the talents of Dan Hosker (Holy Terrors, The Bikes, Harry Pussy) and Justin Robert (The Fun, Lincoln, Kukim) in The Girls Named Lourdis.


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