Mad Martigan and the Furious Dudes

Real-deal rock-and-fucking-roll returns to usually buttoned-up South Miami this weekend, thanks to a new direction of musical programming at Bougainvillea's. Hidden away from the street by thick, verdant Florida flora, the laid-back bar in a cozy cottage is rededicating itself to nurturing the local original music scene. To that end, this Saturday features a somewhat unlikely appearance by Mad Martigan, New Times' pick for Best New Rock Band earlier this year. Although the lean, inked-up quartet still can't be bothered to upload any songs to its MySpace page, it's garnering local love for its amped-up, punk-fueled, fuzz-rock raveups. Featuring plenty of rock-star peacocking, clothes-shedding, and maybe even a little crowd-surfing, a Mad Martigan gig is anything but boring.


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