Luomo's 2000 debut, Vocalcity, was a landmark dance record and a cornerstone in the minimal movement. Produced by Sasu Ripatti (better known as Vladislav Delay), it emitted sensuous tech-house songs as airy and delightful as a cloudburst. After a major-label effort, 2004's The Present Lover, which mostly revisited Vocalcity's achievement, Luomo pushes forward on Paper Tigers via Delay's label, Huume (which is Finnish for "drug") Recordings. Instead of heart-rending but danceable beats, however, Delay makes fleeting, arrhythmic patter that disappears at a moment's notice. Finnish jazz singer Johanna Iivanainen graces most of the tracks, adding structure to music that is often too wispy and melodic. Only the new-age cabaret "The Tease Is Over" allows her to give a full performance, not just vocal lines chopped and ground up in Delay's programming machines. She's the highlight of an album that traces the outlines of Vocalcity's warm tech-house but possesses none of its purpose. — Mosi Reeves


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