Luis Miguel

At 38 years old, this Mexican-raised (but Puerto Rican-born) singer is a bona fide veteran of the music business, with several platinum albums and Grammy Awards to his credit. Often dubbed "The Latin Sinatra" because of his cool, guarded personality and numerous high-profile love affairs in recent years, Luis Miguel is distinguished for being one of the first Latin American artists to sell out New York's Madison Square Garden. He achieved this feat during his 1993 Aries tour, which followed up on the success of the 1991 album Romance, the all-time top-selling Spanish-language album by a male artist in the United States.

Throughout his career, Miguel has tackled various genres, including traditional boleros, mariachi music, and pop — though he is much more comfortable belting out songs of love that make his female supporters swoon. Such is definitely the case on his tour in support of Complices, Miguel's latest disc on Warner Latina. Critics at previous gigs have not been kind to him, having often stated that the two-hour show is too controlled, lacking the spontaneity that is often common among Latin performers. Not that the fans care about what these writers have to say; they all flock to the stage, tossing flowers, teddy bears, and unmentionables at him while singing along to "Hasta Que Me Olvides," "No Se Tu," and pretty much every other tune on the menu.


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