Luis Bofil

Cuban singer Luis Bofil recently walked through a hotel lobby at a Latin music conference and proclaimed he alone was worth the conference's price of admission. Combining his baritone vocals and contagious energy, Bofil approached anybody within earshot and offered an on-the-spot promo. None of this behavior is particularly surprising considering it's everything the Cuban sonero/balladeer/troubadour offers whenever he's onstage. Backed by a flawless band that at times dwarfs his potent voice, Bofil channels his Cuban heritage on classics such as "El Cuarto de Tula" ("Tula's Room") and "Guantanamera," among many others. A Miami resident for more than a decade, Bofil is at his best while belting out son. Despite his respect for the source material, Bofil -- like any good sonero -- never fails to improvise lyrics midsong.


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