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Ludwig Clarke, a.k.a. Luddy, is a local DJ/singer who laces his dancehall and reggae jams with stream-of-consciousness-style raps about revelry, chicks, and hardships. His new single, "Home Tonight," features acclaimed producer Timbaland and is supported by a swanky video, courtesy of Luddy's label Dangazone Records. The track is currently in rotation on Power 96 (WPOW-FM 96.5), and the video on BET. But guess what? You can hear the track live when Luddy performs at Gold Coast Roller Rink during the Fort Lauderdale Summer Splash, which also features Beenie Man, Lady Saw, Mad Cobra, Matik, and Hezron. Throw on a pair of hot pants and skate like you're auditioning for an R. Kelly video.

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