International salsa queen Lucrecia has made it to Miami quite a few times during her long and prolific musical career. She has consistently shown equal adeptness at calming the crowd via soothing serenades like the romantic "Declaración de Amor" and livening up shows with thumping numbers like "Despiste."

One particular visit to the Magic City, though, was marked less by her eclectic musical abilities than by the hot water she landed in with her homeland's government. By participating in a benefit concert for Cuban boat people, Lucrecia provoked a little regime feather-ruffling apparently not yet forgotten by Cuba's powers that be. In addition to her balseros-inspired government riling, she has continued to agitate via frequent musical injections of political demurral. Lucrecia's euphonious fight for the people of her native Cuba has seen the tropical temptress lacing her lyrics with some subtle and not-so-subtle protests against government iniquities. A collection of her songs has even been banned on the island for its purported anti-Castro color.

Sure, some fans might head out for Lucrecia's Saturday-night performance to get a taste of her snippets of vocalized revolt, but all will stick around for her effervescent flair and flavorful array of Latin-inspired treats. — Lexi Schuh


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