Lucenzo at Grand Central August 27

Considering Lucenzo's superlucrative connections to the 407's Don Omar and the 305's Pitbull (not to mention his obvious appreciation for babes in bikinis and dancing aboard million-dollar boats), it's kinda shocking that the French-slash-Portuguese singer, songwriter, and producer hasn't already docked his party yacht at the Port of Miami, skipped the line at one of the Magic City's million clubs, and dropped some "Danza Kuduro" for a few thousand ass-clapping, air-humping fun freaks. But it's true. The 28-year-old musician, swimsuit enthusiast, and watercraft aficionado will make his legit Miami debut at Grand Central this Saturday.

Officially, Lucenzo's party plan includes four languages (English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French); backup from his official deck man, DJ R'an; and a special guest appearance from smooth Slip-N-Slide singer Qwote. And because he's made tracks with both the Don and Mr. Worldwide, we can always hope that one of his collaborators decides to head downtown, buy a bottle, and make a cameo. But if not, maybe the music vid for "Danza Kuduro" is an accurate depiction of a day in the life of Lucenzo and there'll be a secret afterparty on the beach, featuring choreographed dances, lots of models, and a Don Johnson-themed dress code. Wear your best white suit and pastel tee.


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