Los Lonely Boys

Los Lonely Boys are a trio of brothers — Henry, Jojo, and Ringo Garza, Jr. — rocking out of the great state of Texas with a tornadolike twist of classic American rock (the Chuck Berry kind), conjunto, country and western, Tex-Mex, and classic Latin American rock (the Carlos Santana kind). Their father was a performer in the Southwest musical circuit of the Seventies and Eighties with his family band, Los Falcones, which dissolved after the drummer's death — which prompted Ringo Sr. to stake it out with his three young sons backing him up. With a decade's worth of professional experience, the Boys have produced a pair of noteworthy albums that have received blessings from masters Willie Nelson and Santana. Known for their instrumental dexterity, blended influences, and well-gelled vocal harmonies, an evening with Los Lonely Boys will be righteously close and intimate, a true family affair.


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