Los Enanitos Verdes at Fillmore Miami Beach August 19

Los Enanitos Verdes' next album won't be out until early next year, but that hasn't stopped the Argentine rock group from promoting it. "We're recording the new album — that's why we're celebrating," lead singer Marciano Cantero recently told Mexico's Diario de Yucatán. "The album's so good, I'm so proud of it. I feel it has the same spirit we had when we started the band over 30 years ago." Since 1979, the group has amassed an incredibly strong international following. And this Sunday, Enanitos Verdes will bring three decades of rock en español to the Fillmore Miami Beach. This local gig is one of 15 shows that Enanitos will play in August before wrapping up the month in Mexico City, which is set to draw one of the largest crowds of the tour. "It's a moment to have fun and thank the Mexican public for their unconditional support all these years," Cantero said. But it's not just Mexican fans that have supported Enanitos for three decades. People all around the world love these little green rock 'n' roll dwarves. "We've been a band since 1979, and it's just as fun now as it was when we began."


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